Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you still accepting new participants?

YES! There’s no deadline to participate. The debut exhibition is scheduled for November 2017, but the project will continue to grow after that as well, as it continues to travel and be exhibited in other locations.  


It only happened one time / I didn’t report it / it wasn’t a completed rape / I knew my attacker / it wasn’t as bad as what happened to someone else. Can I still participate? 

Oh, my friend. Human suffering is not a competitive sport. If you’re genuinely unsure how to think about what you experienced, RAINN has good information about what constitutes abuse, assault, and other forms of sexual violence. But let’s be clear -- our bodies and our souls tell us loud & clear when we’ve been violated. If you have experienced any form of sexual violence, please know that you’re not at fault and you’re not alone. You are worthy of respect, compassion, and healing – and you are absolutely welcome to participate in this project. 


Can children participate?

This is such a tender question, and I think it’s a personal decision for the family to make in conversation with their therapist as well as the individual child survivor.

If you have a child who may be interested in participating, please contact me – I have a couple of resources that can make participation a bit more kid-friendly. 


My friend / wife / brother experienced sexual violence. Can I submit an object on their behalf?

It can be a very loving gesture to come alongside a loved one in their process of deciding to participate and sending off their objects. I'm aware of several participants whose roommates, family members, or partners have been instrumental in helping them find the courage to participate, which is a real testimony to the power of these supportive relationships.  

That said, not everyone who experiences sexual violence wants to identify with that part of their experience, or to participate in this project. It is not empowering to submit objects on behalf of someone who has not chosen to participate, and I ask that you refrain from doing so. 


I finally sent my object, and now I'm super anxious waiting for it to get there! How will I know when it reaches you??? 

Every single entry receives its own "Portrait of a Survivor" post on Facebook and Instagram, so you'll see your object show up there once I've received it. That said, the entries often come in waves, and sometimes it can be a few days between when I receive a new object and when it gets posted online. If you would like me to send a quick e-mail as soon as your object arrives, just let me know! 


Do you have a question I haven't addressed? Please contact me