December 11, 2017

Mere Objects 73.JPG

Mere Objects: song lyrics, paper butterflies, the word RESILIENCE, and the suicide prevention hotline number. These were chosen by a woman who was sexually abused over many years as a child in foster care, and later experienced rape and assault as an adult.

She writes, “I’m far from being okay and where I want to be, but I’m trying to heal... My sister calls me Mariposa sometimes, which means ‘butterfly’ in Spanish... butterflies mean life and I’m alive after everything I’ve been through. They also mean change and metamorphosis... and endurance and most importantly hope.”


My friend, when I read your letter, I knew that your blessing had already been written. This message was among the notes of solidarity & support in the gallery last week: “Vuela mariposa extiende tus alas y nunca veas para atrus.” (“Fly, butterfly. Spread your wings and never look back.”)

Sarah JaneComment