November 20, 2017

Mere Objects 70.jpg

Mere Objects: packaging from her prescription anti-depressant medication and seed beads resembling those from a handmade ring this woman once wore — a gift from her high school boyfriend.

Of that terrifying, controlling, manipulative relationship, she writes, “It took me 7 years to realize that what happened to me was indeed rape.

In Malaysia, she says, only “perfect” victims receive sympathy, so she has only told her parents and trusted friends. Even then, some friendships have ended because of it. “I refuse to let him win, but sometimes, I feel like I’m trapped in the dark.”


May you find freedom and validation in sharing your story. May you meet good people who will believe, respect, and support you, and may you come to see the brilliance of your own light, which no hurt or injustice can ever extinguish.

Sarah JaneComment