November 22, 2017

Mere Objects 71.jpg

Mere Objects: safety pins with black seed beads, chosen by a woman who was abused by multiple perpetrators from the age of 5 to 23.

She chose safety pins because she used them to cut herself after her first attempt to report the abuse was met with inaction.

There are 3 pins with single beads, representing 3 periods of abuse in her life. The final pin has 6 beads, representing an experience of rape perpetrated by a group.

She says, “The last time was the worst. I was ready to end my life when some friends finally stepped in. I ended up moving away, but not before reporting the abuse... It has taken me two years just to come alive again and be a ‘normal’ fully functioning person again.”


May you find yourself surrounded by good people who care for and respect you, and may you continue to feel stronger, safer, and more alive with each passing day.

Sarah JaneComment