November 6, 2017

Mere Objects 67.jpg

Mere Objects: haunting remnants of an abusive relationship, including ribbon from an escaped balloon, a heart-shaped necklace she once bought herself after requesting it for Christmas & receiving a phone charger instead, and a note from her then-boyfriend with the words "LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT" written over it.

Lonely and unsure of what to expect from romance, this teenage girl was targeted by a boyfriend who used manipulation and coercion to rape her throughout their two-year relationship. She writes, "It's easy to say I could've stopped what he did to me. Could've shoved, kicked him off. That's what they teach you to do if a stranger comes at you. Fight back. Yell. They don't teach you what to do when it's a boy you really like... They don't warn you about those you love."

Today, at 20, she is free from his grasp and knows what she wants in her next relationship. Of these objects, she says, "I don't need them anymore! On to bigger & better things."


May you find yourself more free from these hurtful memories with each passing day, and may you know yourself to be worthy and complete -- fully deserving of real love, respect, and dignity.

Sarah JaneComment