October 28, 2017

Mere Objects 63.jpg

Mere Objects: old photographs cut to countless tiny pieces. These were chosen by a woman whose brother abused her throughout her childhood, threatening and intimidating her into silence for 40 years. She chose -- and destroyed-- photos of him from her family albums, writing, "I finally took the power away from him, and it feels amazing!"

Mixed in with these is one more photo, of herself as a college freshman, on the night when an acquaintance raped her. She writes of this experience with doubt and regret, saying she knows it was rape and yet cannot forgive herself for drinking and pursuing the man who later attacked her.


Beloved one, may you break free from the last of these needless doubts, and come to rest in your true self -- innocent, whole, and undiminished in spite of all that you have suffered.

Sarah JaneComment