September 30, 2017

Mere Objects 56.jpg

Mere Objects: shattered pieces of mirror, from a woman who writes, "I said 'yes' when the neighbor boy across the street asked me to have sex with him when I was seven. I was shy and scared and I didn't know what it meant..." Not understanding what happened, she carried the secret for years -- believing it was her fault and checking the mirror each day to see if she was pregnant.

Today, after many years of healing, she says, "Sometimes I look in the mirror and tell [my younger self] 'It wasn't your fault. You endured something terrible and it shut you out of your life. I'm so sorry that happened.'"


As I placed these shattered pieces in the bottle, I saw that they glitter just as brightly in brokenness as in wholeness. May you know the irrepressible light that permeates your entire life -- illuminating the parts that feel broken as much as those that remain whole.

Sarah JaneComment