January 19, 2018

Mere Objects 76.JPG

Mere Objects: mascara smudges, an applicator wand, and salt for tears, symbolizing a college student’s ruined makeup after she was assaulted by a family friend.

Hanging out at a bar with a friend, this young woman realized she knew the band that night — they had met for jam sessions at her house when she was a child. The lead singer recognized her, too — buying her a drink, and inviting her to a party afterwards.

Perhaps she found him attractive at first, but the evening quickly became terrifying as this much-older man ignored her demands to stop and forced her to perform sexual acts in his car in a parking lot. Afterwards, he begged her not to tell her father what had happened.

Today she says she is healing from the shame and trauma of that experience — and also training to work with others who have suffered trauma and abuse.


May you be freed from every smudge of misplaced shame, in order to fiercely pursue your calling in this world with clear eyes and a clean conscience.

Sarah JaneComment