April 20, 2018

Mere Objects 81.jpg

Mere Objects: river pebbles, a feather, and cedar leaves, reverently gathered by a woman who freed herself and her children from the abuser who terrorized their lives for years. 

She describes the profound trauma of living with constant manipulation and violence. But she goes on to speak of her own deep inner well of strength, wisdom, and groundedness, which carried her through the hardest times and ultimately led her and her children to freedom.

She chose river pebbles to honor her Indigenous heritage, which teaches that stones are our most ancient ancestors, remembering the wisdom of vast ages. The feather reminds her of the freedom of birds, and that she, too, can still fly. And the cedar is a mothering tree — both resilient and regenerative; designed to withstand the ravages of wildfire; sheltering both plants and animals within its reach. 

May the ancient rocks remember your fierce mothering and mighty renewal. May the irresistible song of your freedom be echoed back to you by the soaring birds, and the wild rushing waters, and the steady grace of spreading cedars.

Sarah JaneComment