January 31, 2018

Mere Objects 77.JPG

Mere Objects: a collection of items that represent healing from nearly a decade of sexual abuse by her oldest brother. Objects include a piece of his shirt, a sliver of tie-dye he made for her, a chain “for the trapped feeling,” red glass shards from a teardrop bead “for my tears then and now and blood from when I would cut myself,” an x-acto blade, her own hair, a sliver of paper from a work of art she created, and “an evergreen from Evergreen, my present and my future.” 

She writes eloquently about the loneliness of healing from a childhood marked by sexual abuse, which ended after her brother’s death when she was a teenager. She creates art to help cope with PTSD and to share her story. “I’m swimming towards the surface, but sometimes the stones from my past weigh me down. ...Mere Objects feels like a great big hug from strangers who get me.” 

May your creative and intuitive work continue to guide you to new depths of healing, hope, and wholeness.

Sarah JaneComment