May 5, 2018

Mere Objects 83.jpg

Mere Objects: All things gold! This shining collection of golden threads, ribbons, wires, and jewels comes from a woman whose experiences of violation span from her childhood years through college and an abusive marriage. 

She chose gold in reference to the Japanese practice of kintsugi, mending broken pottery with gold, in which the mended vessel becomes more valuable than it was before it was broken. 

In her letter, she includes one of her own poems, an exploration of brokenness and healing. One significant portion reads:

“The scars are beautiful, even awe inspiring.
Each mark shows my resilience and dedication to life. 
My endurance fills me with strength and character. 
The very act of restoration is a gift of love.”

May you find even the smallest of your broken pieces lovingly gathered and mended with purest gold, and may you come to know the resulting form as more precious and shining than you ever dared to imagine or hope.

Sarah JaneComment